Here are some selected links to Catholic and other sites that provide quality information


Provides independent daily Catholic news from Rome
US based Catholic News Service sponsored by the USCCB
Semi-official news service from the Congregation for the Evangelization of the Peoples
Inside the Vatican
Insightful monthly magazine edited by Dr. Robert Moynihan
Sandro Magister
News analysis and articles by a Vatican insider
Catholic Herald News, analysis, and commentary based in UK
News and free email service with the address


Documents and Information

Catholic Educator's Resource Center provides Catholic educators with many on-line resources
The Holy See
Official Vatican site for documents and other resources
Official web site of the diocese
Douay-Rheims Bible
The first official Catholic English translation of the Bible, known for its accuracy and fine language
Haydock's Commentary Famous Catholic Bible Commentary by Rev. Fr. George Leo Haydock

Social Doctrine

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church
The latest official edition of The Catechism of the Catholic Church
Baltimore Catechism Text of the last edition (# 4) of this famous pre-Vatican II catechism
Catholic Insight Catholic articles and information from Canada
God Spy Wide selection of recent articles for Catholics
Pontifications Catholic priest discusses issues that divide Catholics from other Christians
NTM The New Theological Movement discusses theological topics from Catholic tradition
Vultus Christi Commentaries on the days in the Church year by a Cistercian monk
Catholic Answers Catholic answers to non-Catholic questions
Catholic Doors A treasure of over 2,500 Catholic prayers and more
Fish Eaters Apologetics for defending the Catholic Faith and for new converts
God Love You Free MP3 Downloads of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen recordings
Air Maria Vlog that preaches the faith of the Church
Catholics Come Home Dedicated to lapsed Catholics wishing to return or to anyone curious about Catholicism



Leading teens closer to Christ
Real Faith TV
Videos for Catholics
Catholic Youth Where Catholic youth can learn abouth their Faith and share their ideas
Dappled Things Online literary magazine for young Catholics
Youth Apostles Ezine for Catholic teens with an emphasis on chastity
Healing the Culture Advancing the intrinsic dignity of every human person
Busted Halo For spiritual seekers in their 20s and 30s
The Catholic Spot Of general interest; based in Canada
USCCB Catechism quizes
Catholic Juke Box
Catholic CDs in pop culture style
Pop Rock music with a message of Catholicism



Chant Practice
Text and music to practise for next Sunday's Mass
Gregorian Chant
Live recordings of Latin chants made at St. Benedict's Monastery in São Paulo (Brazil).
Universalis Today
Daily Mass and Divine Office readings
Musica Sacra
Liturgy and Music resources from The Church Music Association of America
Graduale Romanum
The 1961 edition of the Roman Gradual
Cyber Hymnal
Christian Hymns from many denominations
Cantica Nova
Has suggestions for liturgical planning from many current Catholic hymnals
Roman Hymnal

A MIDI Collection of Traditional Catholic Hymns

Historical and current information about the liturgies of the Latin rite of the Catholic Church.
Traditional Latin Mass of Pius V
New Liturgical Movement
Blog discussing the Reform of the Reform of the Liturgy as desired by Benedict XVI